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A Guide to buying used bras online

Is a bra functional or sexy? The answer to the question will depend on who you ask. The bra originated as something out of functionality, as an alternative to a corset. There are some who even claim it dates as far back as the Bronze Age, where women wore linen cloth across their chests, supporting them from underneath and almost giving them a push-up effect. But when did they shift from an item of functionality to something sexualised?

In the 1920s flappers tried to flatten their chests, wishing to achieve a more streamline appearance. By the 1930s the emergence of the cup system appeared, and women no longer wanted their chest to appear flat. However, it was the 1950s when bras started to gain their sex symbol status thanks to Marilyn Monroe and the emergence of the pointy bra.

Some people may even say that they are turned on more by the bra than the breasts themselves and therefore there is now a booming market for used bras.

Take a look at the handy guide below to get you stated on your bra buying journey.

Why buy used bras?

Many people are aroused by the idea of owning underwear that has been worn by someone else. It allows for an intimate experience where the buyer can smell and touch the bra, imagining the seller wearing it.

It is also a fantastic way to reuse and recycle, but buying a worn bra can also fulfil your sexual desires and fantasies. At All Things Worn you can form a connection with the seller before you even buy the bra. Find out a bit about them and make the whole experience more personal.

What types of bras are available?

There is a vast range of bras that are listed. We have an array of sellers from around the globe who want to sell their dirty bras and who can even deliver specific requests.

We have added a handy filter to help you search for exactly what you want, but some of the styles available include: Sports bras, padded, balconette, plunge, strapless and all of the listings will include pictures of the bra so you can see exactly what you are buying.

They range from well worn to nearly new and everything in between, whether you want something absolutely filthy, smelly, and full of holes or something that is nearly new and worn once for a sexy photo shoot, there is something for everyone.

Why use All Things Worn to buy used bras?

All Things Worn is the number one online platform for buying used/well loved items. We unite buyers and sellers from across the world so that they can buy and sell their intimate apparel.

We have created a safe and secure platform where buyers and sellers can ensure a smooth transactional process. We also have a supportive community who are on hand to ask questions or get some advice from.

Our friendly team of staff work hard behind the scenes to provide support and guidance when necessary and keep the online marketplace running smoothly.

How do I get started?

We have made All Things Worn a simple and easy to use interface to ensure that you get the most out of your experience when buying used items.

Firstly, you are able to browse through a multitude of sellers and their listings to get an idea of what is on offer. Have a look at some of the bras and see if anything takes your fancy. You can then sign up for an account, again this is an effortless process, and our verification procedure allows us to guarantee a safe and secure experience for all.

Here are some things to consider when buying a used bras on All Things Worn:

Photos - basically the more photos the better. You want to be able to see the bra from multiple angles in order to make a judgement on buying it.

Description - how detailed is the description? This information will tell you all about the bra, whether it is unique in any way, what it has been worn for etc. If you feel the description is lacking, make sure to ask the seller any questions you may have before you commit to buying the bra.

Communication - communicate with the seller, ask them questions, find out a bit about them, this will make the experience a lot more personal.

Payment - decide on a payment method that suits you both. We have a number of payment methods to choose from and we make sure that all transactions that go through All Things Worn are safe and secure.

Shipping - ask for you item to be shipped in discreet packaging with a trusted carrier. The item should be sent in a zip lock bag to ensure that the odour is retained.

Leave feedback - always leave and ask for feedback. Positive feedback can boost your reputation and encourage others to buy or sell to you in the future.


Overall buying bras is a personal experience and no buyer is the same or wants the same thing. Whether you are in the market for a well-worn sports bra or a sexy push up bra, All Things Worn has something for you.

We have a safe and secure platform where you can buy and sell items with ease. We cater to a niche market and specialise in items that are used or well loved.

Why not browse some of the listings and check out some of our sellers and you may just find exactly what you are looking for.