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Honest Dick Ratings

An Honest Dick Rating on our platform provides a confidential and candid way for individuals to receive frank, truthful, and unbiased assessments of their intimate areas.

Small Penis Humiliation

Gain access to expert Small Penis Humiliation services, providing a unique and exhilarating experience tailored to individual desires within a secure, respectful, and professional help.

Dick Worship & Praise

Our Dick Worshipping services offer a unique platform where individuals can experience fervent and passionate admiration and adoration for their intimate attributes in a respectful way.

Custom Jerk Off Instructions

Jerkoff instruction, also known as JOI, consists of verbal and occasionally visual signals indicating the proper way to masturbate.

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About Us

Dick Ratings Only

Dick Ratings Only is exactly what it says… A community for raters and fans of Dick Ratings. Are you looking for a small penis humiliation? Honest dick rating? Dick worshipping? You can find a model for an honest, humiliation and all types of Dick Ratings here whilst interacting with fellow fans if you wish!

Dick Ratings Only was born as part of the All Things Worn and Male Things Worn family. We wanted to create a community for Dick Rating fans too! A place where raters and fans can connect and have a little fun together in a safe, anonymous and professional environment.

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Partner network - ATW & MTW

Dick Ratings Only is part of the All Things Worn (ATW) & Male Things Worn (MTW) family, just like Foot Lovers Only. ATW and MTW are online communities and marketplaces for the sale of used items like used panties, smelly socks, dirty jocks. Whilst buying and selling dirty underwear and other naughty extras, you can also interact with other kinky members of our community. Think of it as kinky Facebook!

What is a Dick Rating?

You may have heard people say they are sent their dick pics? For some, sexual arousal comes from thought through, professional feedback from experienced raters. There really is no right or wrong way to explore what type of Dick Rating turns you on most - as long as it is legal and with full consent from both parties!

Dick Ratings Only is the perfect place to explore Dick Ratings! Whether it’s honest, humiliating or worshipping feedback on dick pics, you can find all of this and more right here! And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, why not post your requests on the dashboard or approach one of our friendly raters?

If you’re wondering how if you're alone in loving Dick Ratings… According to one study, almost everyone knows someone are has themselves sent a dick pic to someone. You are far from alone!

Join our foot community of Dick Rating fans today and interact with fellow fans!

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