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Simply sign up, share your affiliate link on social media, websites & your wider community and watch the extra revenue come in.

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3 Simple Steps to Get Paid

How it Works?


Sign Up & Access Your Link

Simply sign up and visit our affiliate page where you will be able to access your copy the affiliate link.


Share the link everywhere!

Share your link on social media, websites & your network. Everytime a qualifying Buyer or Seller signs up you will earn commission.


Get Paid & Track Your Progress

Receive your commission into your Dick Ratings Only account, where you can spend it on site or withdraw. Conveniently track your referrals using our tracking table.

Affiliate FAQs

How does the affiliate program work?
It couldn't be simpler, we provide you with a unique link once you sign up.

Just share this link via social media, contacts and your wider network.
Everytime a qualifying Buyer or Seller signs up you receive $3 (Buyer) or $2 (Seller) into your account balance. There is no limit to how many people you can refer.
How do I refer people?
To ensure that newly registered users are linked to your profile, you will need to share your personal affiliate link.

This link can be found above once signed in.

The affiliate link is unique to your account. This means that when you invite someone to join using your unique link, you are registered as the affiliate and will receive the commission once they qualify (Buy KinkCoins or Membership).
Where can I share my link?
You can share your link everywhere including Tik Tok, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Quora, Whatsapp & even your own Personal Website.
How do I track my referrals?
You will be able to view the tracking table above (when signed in) to see members you have referred and check their current status. This gives you full visibility of how well your campaigns are going.
How does a Seller/Buyer qualify for commission?
A Buyer will need to buy KinkCoins or a Seller will need to buy a Membership within 3 months of signing up using your affiliate link

You will receive $3 for every Buyer or $2 for every Seller that qualifies.
What can I do with my affiliate earnings?
The commission is deposited into your account as KinkCoins and you can pay for memberships, promote your account/listings, tip/gift members, unlock Instant Content or withdraw (once the withdrawal threshold is met).
Other key terms
Affiliate commission is made on the first purchase of KinkCoins (Buyer) or Membership (Seller).

There is no limit to the amount of accounts you can refer.

You can not refer an account which is owned by yourself, doing so will lead to affiliate payouts being revoked.

Payouts are made using KinkCoins direct into the referrers account.

We reserve the right to modify or replace these terms at any time.

If a referral does not qualify within 3 months then no commission will be paid.