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A guide to giving/receiving dick praise

How much do you love cock? Do you love the look of them, the feel of them and even the taste of them? Would you even go as far as to say that you worship cocks? Well in that case, dick worship could be for you!

On the other hand, you could be someone who loves to be told how amazing your dick is and would relish the opportunity to have someone worship you and your length.

Anyone can participate in dick worship, but you may be unsure where to start, this guide will give you a helping hand (pun intended) and get you worshipping to being worshipped in no time.

What is dick worship?

You may have heard of penis humiliation where the person seeks to be told how worthless or useless they are, well dick worship and praise is the opposite.

Cock worship is so much more than just an overly enthusiastic blow-job. It involves the act of showing excessive amounts of love and affection to a man’s penis, or a strap on. It can make the receiver feel aroused, empowered and more dominant in their sex life and even everyday life.

After a prior discussion to ascertain expectation, partaking in consensual online dick worship will start with sending/being sent a picture of a dick. The person giving the worship will then either type their praise or send a video message describing how much they love the cock.

The worshipper is encouraged to embrace and admire all aspects of the penis, including its sight, smell, taste, and touch. Verbalisation, including complimenting and romanticising the penis, is encouraged, even if the worshipper cannot physically touch the cock in person.

How do I give worship and praise to a dick online?

In many cases, men can have hang-ups and insecurities about their cocks, this is something that can be eradicated throughout the cock worship session.

The worship often can take on a spiritual or ceremonial style element to it, where the man's dick is thanked for the pleasure that it provides.

Make sure to be specific about what you want from the worship if you are the person receiving it. Also, if you are the worship giver, talk about what the other person expected from the experience to ensure you both know what to expect.

Compliments are key, tell them how much you adore their dick, how great it feels inside of you, how it makes you feel and generally go overboard regarding how great it is.

If you have an idea of what he doesn’t like about himself, you can use this to give you some inspiration about what to compliment, this will boost his confidence as well as make him aroused.

It can be difficult to give worship to someone you don’t know, so speaking to them beforehand is a great way to get to know what they want and ensure you meet their expectations.

Be as descriptive as possible, you can comment on the taste, the length, the girth, the smoothness, the lumps, and bumps.

Why should I use dickratingsonly?

Dickratingsonly.com (DRO) is the #1 marketplace to give/receive dick worship. We have dedicated sellers/models/content creators willing to accept pics of your dick and tell you what they really think of it. You can be reassured that as long as you gain permission first (no one likes an unsolicited dick pic), your dick will be happily received.

Access to 1000s of dick praisers online: If you need instant gratification, search our online users, who will be able to catch you whilst you’re in the moment and give the praise that your dick deserves

Interactive Community: Where else can you interact with 1000s of kinky sellers on a dashboard, interacting and engaging with comments, likes, polls on our wall? Think of it as a kinky FaceBook. If you have a particular request, simply write this on the dash and see the sellers slide into your DMs if they are able to assist

Free Signups: We don’t charge buyers to sign up. We’d rather you used your money on praise for your dick!

Secure and Anonymous payment: You don’t need to worry about anyone finding out any personal information. We have KinkCoins that will protect your identity. Simply purchase some KinkCoins, send these to your seller and start your dick worship experience! Your personal details are never shared. You can even purchase these using Crypto. So if you have an unsuspecting partner at home, they won’t see any purchases on your bank statements :)

Dick Worshiping / Praise Summary

Dick worship is something that can boost confidence and guarantee arousal, for not only the receiver but the person giving the praise too.

Dickratingsonly.com is a fantastic platform that enables you to engage with dick worship and praise, whether as a dominant or submissive person, we are sure that you will love the website as much as we do.

We have an easy-to-use system that allows you to join a community of people who have similar interests, and you can be reassured that you will be using a safe and secure website.

We have a supportive team behind the scenes who can guide you on your dick worship journey. Don’t miss out, get signed up today.

What is dick worship?
Dick worship involves showing excessive love and admiration for a penis, making the receiver feel aroused, empowered, and more dominant. It contrasts with penis humiliation and includes verbal praise and romanticization.
How do I give dick worship and praise online?
Start by discussing expectations. Be specific about compliments, talk about the penis's appearance, feel, and any unique features. Communicate with the receiver to understand their desires and meet their expectations.
Why should I use DickRatingsOnly?
DickRatingsOnly offers a secure and anonymous platform with a large community of users, free signups, and encrypted payments through KinkCoins. It's a dedicated marketplace for giving and receiving dick worship and praise.
Is the website secure?
Yes, the website uses a verification process for safety and KinkCoins for anonymous transactions. Personal details are never shared, and purchases can be made using cryptocurrency.
How do I get started?
Sign up for free, browse the sellers, and purchase dick worship and praise. Engage with the community and follow the easy-to-use system to begin your experience.