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Does your penis deserve to be humiliated? Do you get off on being told how terrible it is? Dick Ratings Only is a website where sellers from across the globe are eager to give you some feedback regarding how truly terrible your dick is.

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A guide to giving/receiving penis humiliation

You may have come across the concept of being submissive and being dominant with a sexual partner. In basic terms this means that one person takes all of the control (the dominant one) and the other person does exactly what they say (the submissive one). The dominant person will make the decisions, where they will have sex, how they will have sex, what position and for how long.

Many people prefer being either a “sub” or a “dom” and this is where penis humiliation comes from. Those who enjoy being humiliated regarding their dick usually fall into the submissive category and seek sexual gratification from being dominated by another.

What is small penis humiliation?

Also referred to as SPH, small penis humiliation involves a dominant person saying degrading things about a submissive person’s penis. The practise is consensual on both sides and may involve sexual acts of just the verbal humiliation itself. The online version includes a man posting a picture of his dick for the sole purpose of being mocked.

There is a common misconception that all the men who seek to be humiliated have small dicks, however this is not true and is definitely not a prerequisite. They simply want to be degraded and love being told how useless they are. They get off on someone else treating them badly and like to be domineered.

It’s not just the submissive person who is receiving sexual satisfaction, there are a lot of people who get turned on by being the dominant person and doing the humiliation. For many, weakening the idea of “manhood” is seen as erotic, someone relinquishing their power can be a turn on.

Different types of penis humiliation- what do you say?

Giving a good critique of a penis usually involves being as descriptive as possible, but make sure to avoid saying anything that can be construed as being “nice”. You need to be nasty and ensure that you make the receiver feel humiliated.

Remember not every penis who seeks to be humiliated will be small so you don’t need to necessarily focus on this, you can say that it is small if it genuinely is but I would recommend shifting your focus on the penises ability to please a woman/man.

Often, men want to be referred to as pathetic and worthless. They like it when the person giving the humiliation tells them that they are “unable to please anyone with such an awful dick”. It is completely up to personal preference as to how nasty the person wants the humiliator to be and this is something that can be discussed and agreed upon prior to the humiliation beginning. Some people will prefer a written humiliation and others will prefer a video humiliation, again this is dependent on the person and can be discussed in advance.

You may be asked to do some role play. A popular one is sperm bank donation, the “nurse” asks for a sperm donation but unfortunately the man is unable to provide a decent one and therefore deemed useless.

It is up to you what types of penis humiliation you would like to get involved with, but make sure to do some research and check out others doing it on dickratingsonly.com. This will give you a good idea of where to start.

Why should I use Dick Ratings Only?

Dickratingsonly.com (DRO) is the #1 marketplace for partaking in penis humiliation. There’s no better place for the degradation of penis’s! If you’re looking for group humiliation. We have a public dashboard for that… although be aware that we don’t allow public nudity. So make sure the dick pics are saved for the DMs and only sent to those who have asked to see it. No one likes a small, ugly, limp dick appearing in their DMs unannounced!

Sellers worldwide: We have millions of sellers from all over the world, so if you’d like to be humiliated by a MILF, a teacher, a sexy secretary, or anyone else in between, the chances are, you’ll find someone online who will be able to give an honest opinion of that small dick!

Interactive Feed: As we have said, if public humiliation is your thing, our dashboard is the perfect place for that. You can even post how what your needs and wants are and our sellers will contact you if they are willing to help.

Supportive Admin Team: If you need any help from us, our team are here to assist 24/7. Although keep the dick pics for the willing participants. Ain’t nobody come to work to see small dicks in their inbox!

Payment options onsite: You can purchase your dick rating directly onsite, just agree an order with a seller, send her KinkCoins and voila, you’re ready to be humiliated. You’ll be happy to know our KinkCoins are secure and anonymous so your payment details will never be shown to anyone, unlike other external payment methods. We even let you purchase KinkCoins using Crypto!

Community: We could be biased but we think our community is the best. And every one on Dick Ratings Only, is here to embrace all things small dicks. Just reach out to our community who will be happy to assist your small penis humiliation experience.

Get paid to receive dick pics: If you’re sick of receiving dick pics in real life, get paid for it on DRO! No one likes an unsolicited small dick landing in their DMs, at least here you can get paid for the experience! Not a bad little side hustle!

SPH Summary

Dickratingsonly.com is a fantastic platform that allows you to partake in small penis humiliation, whether as a dominant or submissive person, we are sure that you will love the website as much as we do.

We have an easy-to-use system that allows you to join a community of people who have similar interests, and you can be reassured that you will be using a safe and secure website to fulfil your desires.

We have a supportive team behind the scenes who can guide you on your penis humiliation journey.

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What is Small Penis Humiliation (SPH)?
Small Penis Humiliation (SPH) involves a dominant person degrading a submissive person's penis. This practice is consensual and can involve verbal humiliation or other acts.
How does SPH work on Dick Ratings Only?
Users can sign up, browse sellers, and request personalized humiliation services. The feedback is customized, and special requests can be made.
Do all men seeking SPH have small penises?
No, not all men who seek humiliation have small penises. The desire is to be degraded and dominated, regardless of penis size.
What types of humiliation can I request?
Humiliation can be verbal or written, and might include role play scenarios like sperm bank donations. The specifics can be discussed and agreed upon with the seller.
Why should I choose Dick Ratings Only for SPH?
Dick Ratings Only offers a secure, anonymous platform with a large community of sellers from around the world. Payment options include secure KinkCoins and cryptocurrency.
Can I get help from the support team?
Yes, the supportive admin team is available 24/7 to assist with any questions or issues.