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If you speak to a woman about her dating history, the likelihood that she will at some point have been sent a “dick pic” is high. Thanks to the improvement in technology over the past 10 years, sexting has become more and more popular with 88% of men and women saying that they had done it, we’ve come a long way from playing snake on a Nokia 3310!

In 1997 the first ever photo was sent from a phone with a camera, roll forward 27 years to the present day and most people don’t bother with an actual camera and rely on their mobile phone to take photos, hands up if your camera roll is always full!

If done in a consensual way, sending or receiving a dick pic can be an exhilarating experience, that to this day can still feel like a naughty thrill.

What is a dick rating?

What is a dick rating though? In simple terms, a dick rating is when someone sends a picture of their penis to another person and the receiver of the picture will then rate the dick, usually on a scale of 1-10.

Why do people send them? Well, a lot of guys really want to show off their dick, but it does go deeper than that (pun intended). Some people do it for the reassurance or an ego boost, whereas some have a humiliation fetish and want to be told how awful their dick is.

Different types of dick pic

You could argue that there are only limited options when taking a picture of your junk, at the end of the day, a picture of a dick is a picture of a dick, however, there are different ways to pose or set up the shot to make your dick stand out amongst the rest. Think of the angles!

Angles can include:

Types of rating

When it comes to rating a dick there is usually a framework which is followed. The criterion for rating the dick includes the following categories: Length, Girth, and Veins. Each of these categories will usually be rated out of 10. Then the receiver of the rating will be given a total and can gain an understanding of the quality of their dick based on this. The rating total depends on the person, it can be in depth, giving details regarding what they think about the length or as previously stated it could simply just be a rating out of 10. The higher the rating the better.

Some men pursuing dick ratings will seek to be humiliated and therefore will expect a low rating, and often reasons why their dick is not worthy of the person giving the rating.

Whether you desire a written assessment of your dick, or a video explanation, a simple score out of ten or a lengthy analysis Dick Ratings Only is the perfect place to rate that cock!

Why should I use dickratingsonly?

Dickratingsonly.com (DRO) is the #1 marketplace to buy/sell dick ratings. We offer a safe and reliable platform with a supportive community who can answer questions and give advice. You can be assured that you can give/receive dick ratings anonymously and our dedicated team behind the scenes are always on hand to help you.

Listed below are some reasons why we think dickratingsonly.com is the best place to give/receive dick ratings:

  1. A huge community of sellers who are keen to offer support
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  5. Create your own personalized profile
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  8. Ability to follow sellers- your buyers can favorite your profile and continue to return to you and as a buyer you can follow your favorite seller so that you are always updated on their inventory and don’t miss out.
  9. Preferred methods of payment/delivery agreed between buyer and seller.
  10. Buyers and sellers from across the world


We are sure that you will love dickratingsonly.com as much as we do. We’ve made an easy-to-use system that allows you to join a community of people who have similar interests, and you can be reassured that you will be using a safe and secure website to fulfill your desires.

We have a supportive team behind the scenes who can guide you on your dick rating journey.

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Want a Dick Rating that will give a frank, truthful, and unbiased assessment?

Are you looking to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and boost your self-confidence? An Honest Dick Rating offers a unique, candid, and confidential way to receive unbiased feedback about your most intimate areas. It’s not just about numerical ratings—it’s about embracing body positivity, breaking the taboos around sexual health, and fostering open conversations about our bodies.

Our sellers may give simple numerical ratings to more detailed commentary on various aspects. The expectation for an honest Dick Rating is that the feedback provided is candid and straightforward, avoiding sugarcoating or unwarranted praise, hence the emphasis on "honesty."

By receiving frank and straightforward feedback, buyers can gain insights into how they are perceived, leading to a journey of self-discovery and acceptance. It’s an opportunity to embrace one’s uniqueness, understand one’s body better, and potentially address any concerns or insecurities one might have.

Our platform ensures a professional and respectful approach, offering various levels of feedback, from simple ratings to detailed assessments. Our experts are experienced and provide constructive, respectful, and unbiased evaluations, ensuring a comfortable and dignified experience.

We prioritize user privacy and consent, ensuring that all interactions are confidential, consensual, and secure. Our platform employs stringent security measures to protect user data and maintains a strict policy against non-consensual sharing of images.

Our Honest Dick Rating is more than just a service—it’s a movement towards body positivity, self-acceptance, and open conversations about sexual health - or, just a way to have some fun!